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Watch If You Introduced People Like You Introduce Your Dog

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Oops . . . Rover Just Had A Little Accident

Carpet Cleaning After Dog Accident

The key to cleaning up a mess is to take quick action.

It happens to all of us at some point. Well, to our dogs that is.

We’ve left them at home alone just a little too long. And we return . . . yuch. They’ve had an “accident”.

If you want to remove the stain and odor you need to take quick action. And that will ultimately require the services of a professional carpet cleaner. But there are things you can do immediately to at least manage the problem temporarily.

If we’re dealing with urine, the first thing to do is to remove any excess liquid, if any. There are several products commercially available that are designed to help with dog urine (and feces and vomit for that matter). In reality, these products don’t actually clean the mess. They do neutralize some of the odors. And supposedly they help prevent encouraging your dog to use that place as a restroom in the future.

“Most people think that they can spray a urine spot with an enzymatic cleaner and everything is back to normal. That’s definitely not accurate,” says Tim Green, owner/operator of Green Light Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Pleasant Hill, California.

“You should definitely remove any excess material as soon as possible. But the only way you’re going to truly resolve the situation is to bring in a professional who has the right chemicals and tools to prevent staining and remove any lingering odor. And if you wait too long, that odor might be with you indefinitely,” says Green.

If the accident happens to be of the number 2 variety, again, start by removing everything possible. But make sure you don’t rub things in. While this might be a little more gross than just a pee accident, it’s actually much easier to clean up and address. As long as we’re talking about solid material (gross, I know, hopefully you aren’t eating dinner while reading this).

You can read additional advice on Green Light’s pet odor removal page. Make sure you stock up with good supplies and aren’t caught lacking any of the essentials in case of that unexpected accident. Nothing is worse than not being prepared and dealing with the stain and odor for perhaps the remaining lifespan of the carpet.

One other pointer Mr. Green gave us was to think about the makeup of the chemicals you’re using on carpets when you have dogs.

“I know it sounds gross, but dogs will often go back and sniff or lick an area that they urinated or defecated on. And that’s especially true if it was made by another dog. You need to make sure that you’re using chemicals that are safe and won’t cause the dogs any issues health wise.”

Life Insurance For The Dogs

No. You cannot buy life insurance on your dog. You can buy health insurance. Liability insurance. But not life insurance. That’s not what I’m talking about here.

Face it. We love our dogs. They mean much more to us than sometimes our own kids. Children grow up and become dependent. Our dogs will always rely on us for love, companionship, and of course necessities like food and water.

So what would happen to Fifo if something happened to you? Who would take care of him? Would they have the means to treat him the same way you would?

It’s actually quite common today for people to purchase life insurance so that whoever takes care of their pets has the financial resources available to treat them the right way. Since this setup is not very typical, you should probably consider talking to a life insurance agent and preferably one who is independent and works through an IMO.

When planning for your untimely death and what you want to happen with your beloved pet, spend an appropriate amount of time being as specific as possible. You can actually create a trust document that specifies who should get your pet (name a contingent person just in case the first cannot) and details on what they should do.

Talk about your pet’s needs. What do they like and not like? What is their favorite food, treats, and toys. They are going to be going through an incredible loss as well so try to make their life as normal as possible by making sure whoever is lucky enough to have them as part of their family knows what they should be doing.

You can allocate even a small part of a life insurance policy to take care of these needs. And also consider leaving a portion to the human as a small thanks for taking on such a big responsibility.

Two Passions In One – Be A Police K9 Handler

It’s amazing when you can combine two passions into one. Especially when that one can be a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Many of our readers are avid lovers of dogs. Often it’s their number one passion. But how can they turn that passion into something profitable.

Sure, you can be a dog trainer. That’s the most obvious answer. But how about being a police k9 handler.

Are police departments hiring? Of course they are. Search around for websites of the departments near you, look up their human resources division, and you’ll likely find openings right now.

Then often you’ll start by taking a written test. If you pass this test than you can go further in the process of becoming a police officer, and ultimately a canine handler. The process usually includes a physical fitness test, medical check up, psychological exam, and most importantly a very thorough background check. The background check is where most candidates fail out of the process. But if that happens, don’t be despaired. Often times you can correct issues that come up on your background check, as long as they aren’t incredibly serious like felony convictions or major drug use.

Police Officer RequirementsThere are many requirements to be a police officer. And you have to meet all of those requirements before you can have a chance to work with a dog. You can find out more about these requirements by going to Cop University. You’ll find lots of great information there to help get you started in your career as a police canine handler.

Of course, don’t expect to become a K9 officer immediately after you’ve been hired. You first have to get through the field training program and work as a patrol officer for several years getting the experience necessary to take on such an important role.

Good luck in your quest to get into law enforcement and have the privilege of working as a canine officer.

Dog Training Resources

While we intend on sharing lots of good information on dog training on this site, we also want to point you in the right direction to get lots of great tips and advice from around the Internet.

One of our favorite sites has great information on dog obedience training. While not professional trainers themselves, they’ve done an excellent job of finding the best products on the Internet suitable for beginning to intermediate dog owners. So if you’re looking to get a highly obedient dog, we suggest you go and check out www.playwithyourdog.com. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There is a ton of awesome information there on various forms of obedience training.

Puppy TrainingAnother topic that you’ll find lots of information on the site is on puppy training. Yes, there are differences between how you should be training your puppy and how you would train a full grown dog. While old dogs can certainly learn new tricks, it’s best if you build the right habits as soon as a puppy comes into your life. You’ll get past the tough puppy phase and have a fun, energized, yet obedient dog in no time.

It’s not hard to have a trained dog. And it helps establish a really good relationship. But you do have to work for it. It takes a bit of time and you have to be consistent with your training.

Good luck.

Learn to Train Your Dog

For over 200 years, there has been formal dog training. But it’s evolved an incredible amount. It used to be all about the yank and crank, discipline types of methods. Show your dog who is boss and force them to do what you say or face severe consequences.

Fortunately, things have evolved. While there are still times where negative reinforcement might be suitable, the standard in training dogs today is all about positive reinforcement. How can we build a healthy relationship with our dog and show them what behaviors we want by praising them and showing them what good behavior looks like.

We’ll be taking a look into these topics in more detail here on our site.